Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Good, The Bad

We often have the tendency to find out something bad in others and we will remember all the mistakes he made. Whereas even if a person does a thousand good things we will not appreciate them. Thats human  nature. So before we say bad things about someone think twice, others think the same way. Try to be the other way. Always find good things in others. Remember the good things which they have done for you. And there is nothing called too late for anything in your life. We can make a new way of living at any moment.

So whenever you get a chance to speak about others, point out the good things in them in spite of saying bad. That makes your thinking positive as well as the people to you speak. We cannot become positive minded along with talking negative things about others.

Remember there is a good as well as bad in everyone. Try to bring up the good in others by letting them know their good things and tell the bad things to them directly, not to someone else.


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