Wednesday, August 8, 2012

India's Olympic Quest 2012

One of the much discussed topic in Indian television and other news media is about India' performance in London Olympics 2012. Whether India is performs up to the standard, or why China is getting more golds than India or the US. Is this an overrated discussion? Over the time India too will win gold in Olympics with its huge manpower?

Well in my opinion in India there are much more important things to be discussed like poverty, to be a developed country by 2020, which at this rate of corruption and poor planning is distant dream, education for all, corruption free nation.

Winning in Olympics is good but in my opinion we got distracted from all other important topics. What we need, Olympic gold or development? If India comes first in Olympics, will it help the under privileged citizens of India!

There are also idiotic reviews and comments from people like all are watching boring cricket that is the reason why it has become so popular. Another comment by a person, the revenue generated by BCCI should be shared with other boards. What is the justification here. If cricket is boring and it still still there is viewership and other sports do not have popularity means, we can infer other sports may be much more boring than cricket for common people in India. We cannot force anyone to like the game. With regard to the revenue sharing part, it will be like charity. Others do not have to work hard, simply sit will get free money. This attitude of Indians has to be changed.

There are many more social issues to be discussed like fire which killed 32 in recent train tragedy. There was an interview with sacked ex-railway minister Dinesh Trivedi. Did anyone of us read that article fully. His dream was to make the railway accident free and modernize. But simple politics paved way to his exit.

We compare our country with China, have we ever thought how Chinese works together towards the same goal, development. Our politicians has hidden agendas like appeasement of people based on cast and religion. Same policy followed by Britishers "divide and rule". Chinese got better roads, rails and at least 15 years ahead of India. We try to make comparison about winning gold!

There is no point in winning gold but country is poor. Jamaica, Iran and Ethiopia is ahead of us in medal tally. Can we make comparison with the living condition of these countries to ours. Ultimately how we live does matter. 

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